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on December 15, 2022

New data has shown that Harrods took the top spot, with Selfridges coming in

on October 25, 2022

Excellence in Housewares Awards 2022 winners have been sharing their joy as they cherish th

on October 14, 2022

Harrods is one of the three Global Honorees for the gia Top Window Awards

on October 11, 2022

Thursday’s Enhance Your Visual Toolbox and gia Top Window is part of IHA’s Connect FALL.

on September 30, 2022

Displays from one large and one small UK store have been entered for gia’s

on March 10, 2022

“Like the rest of the world, we have been shocked and appalled by the humanitar

on March 8, 2022

Seven inspirational retailers from four continents are announced as honorees in Chicago.

on November 2, 2021

UK department stores are league-toppers according to search and social media data.

on October 8, 2021

Awards reward hard work and commitment of whole retail teams in unprecedented times.

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