Tag: sustainability
on February 24, 2023

The two companies have created a set of five whitepapers to assist retailers and bra

on October 4, 2022

The organisation ran informative seminars last month to highlight the industry issues of Extended Producer Responsibil

on September 7, 2022

The new Krösamos range is an autumn-inspired offering featuring kitchen and table home accessories.

on July 1, 2022

Housewares suppliers are encouraged to register for insightful sustainability course.

on April 26, 2022

New brand is donating 2% of profits to WeForest, contributing to forest reforestation.

on April 6, 2022

New date in May follows last month’s debut workshop, enjoyed by Pure Table Top.

on October 1, 2021

Parent company for Curver has launched its Community Connection initiative.

on September 9, 2021

OXO commits 1% of annual sales to support environmental causes.

on August 6, 2021

Autumn Fair launches Sustainability Library, alongside the show’s Sustainability Trail.

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